• April 1, 2021

How Does Rakeback in Online Poker Work?

Sitting down at a real world casino in Las Vegas to play Texas Hold’em, you’ll often see more players re-depositing funds rather than cashing out. While differentials in skills explain some of the distribution issues, it’s also important to note the role of the rake. Rake is the percentage of a poker pot which is claimed by the house as a fee, and it can add up to significant amounts over time.

Most poker rooms take a fixed commission from each winning pot, as well as a sliding scale of rake up to a capped level – as the game continues around the table, the house take continues to increase. As a result, there is a gap between break even play and break even return at the poker table – closing this gap through a combination of rakeback and improved play can take you from a scratch player to a +EV player at the table Cmd368.

Just like the traditional “comps” systems at real world poker rooms, online poker rooms offer rakeback as a loyalty bonus for their players. The system is simple – the site automatically tracks your contribution to the rake in each pot, and those amounts can add up over time. By signing up through a rakeback site, you get a percentage of these fees back as rebates on a regular basis directly to your account or as a bonus. Generally, rakeback requires you to sign up with a partner in order to qualify for the rakeback bonuses. Importantly, while a player may not be able to qualify for the highest initial deposit bonuses, you can qualify for a variety of reload bonuses which can further reduce your rake rate over time.

With automated tracking, you can generally check your rakeback on a daily or real-time basis, helping you to better understand your performance over time. Proper rake back structures can help you to become a profitable player in less time, shifting your earnings from poker into high gear.

How Do You Earn Rebates through Rakeback Programs

You can play in the poker room of your choice at the table of your selection and earn rakeback with the right signup structure. Unlike traditional bonuses which may restrict your play, rakeback provides you with rebates on rake based upon your Monthly Gross Revenue (MGR) to the poker room. As a result, you can play any type of game from Hold ’em to stud to Omaha, and even tournaments at some sites, with strong results.

Poker rooms provide rebates on the revenue you generate for their tables which instills loyalty and provides a win-win for players as well. Essentially, rakeback is offering you a discount on the cost of playing online poker. For players who rely upon online tables for income, rakeback programs allow you to benefit greatly in terms of overall returns.

Rakeback provides rebates on a set schedule, generally weekly or monthly, although some sites offer rebates on a more regular basis. For high volume players, special rakeback rates are available, further putting you in better position to become a +EV player and start bring home some real money from your poker experiences.


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